Pathway to Body Maintenance – The Vagus Nerve

Pathway to Body Maintenance – The Vagus Nerve

Our bodies were designed to function for a lifetime. When body health is maintained, our systems can operate optimally during each phase of our life.

The vagus nerve is central to this process and regulates the proper functioning of our organs using a web of nerves that fan out from its stem which runs from the cerebral cortex to our large intestine. Information is carried from the brain to our organs and back again.

The body uses this information to regulate the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the involuntary functioning of our bodies.

We can control the health of the vagus nerve by following the conventional wisdom of exercise, proper nutrition and sleep. Exercise to build muscle and aid circulation, nutrition to supply needed minerals and vitamins and sleep to allow the body to routinely perform cell repair for essential operation of organ systems. With daily routines we can avoid stresses that are often the precursor to diseases.

Our choices can add support to the involuntary responses of our systems by maintaining the proper functioning of the vagus nerve. Take hold of your choices and try the following:

Demonstration of yoga stretches that stimulate the vagus nerve ( ).

Breathing exercise to activate relaxation:

Technique for activating the vagus nerve:

What is the Vagus nerve?

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